Direct Function of Beauty

If you look at the High Line, that was done with a lot of love and care and definitely with an eye on beauty. Now, one of the functions of that beauty is that, since it’s inception, there has not been a single report of any major crime on the High Line since it started, on any precinct along the highline. It’s interesting, but it’s a function of the beauty of it. If they would’ve done it crappily and quickly and value-engineered like every other thing is value-engineered in [not only] this country, but around the world, that would not have happened.
–Stefan Sagmeister

From episode 11 of the podcast, Nice To Meet You. I’ve had this in my queue for quite a while and finally got around to listening.

More quotes from

The other day I was thinking about one of my favorite quotes from the website of one of my favorite designers. That quote was one of several appearing subtly and at random in the corner of that website.

It’s a small detail, but one that makes me smile. For the sake of completeness I thought I would capture all these bits of wisdom (and humor) and present them here:

Being against things got boring

We will do anything for design

We probably eat more avocados than you

Visit Joe’s Shanghai

Love = Oxygen

Keep a business diary

Beauty is part of the function

3rd World offices, 1st world prices

For a good time call (212) 647 1789

Ointment sounds good

Beauty = price

Visit the site for a short while.

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