Get Out the Vote 2016

My submission to AIGA’s Get Out the Vote 2016 campaign.

Join the club.
Is the “I Voted” sticker a badge of civic pride, or a symbol shielding us from judgement? When paired with this message, the answer is not so clear. At face value, “Join the club” can be read as a rallying cry urging others to participate in the democratic process. But as an idiom it is decidedly more pessimistic, and instead reads as a comment on the state of American politics. Both scenarios underscore research that says many people will vote because of social pressure.

It all boils down to this: Many of us vote so that we can tell everyone else we voted. And we don’t want to have to lie about it if we didn’t. – Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, “The Surprising Genius Of The ‘I Voted’ Sticker”

gotv-stickers gotv-photo

Typeface is Alergia Grotesk Wide Black. Original photograpy shot with an iPhone 6s.