Anchor CMS-style wp-admin

Recently I had a love affair with Anchor CMS, an ultra simple CMS crafted by Visual Idiot (@idiot). The bare-bones, utilitarian attitude and slick (read “flat”) UI intrigued me from the start, and before you knew it I was taking down my WP-powered site and running with a brand new install of Anchor.

Ultimately the freshness faded away and I decided to revert back to WordPress, keeping a local install of Anchor to continue tinkering with. But I came away from the experience with a few thoughts and questions.

As we see more and more nimble products emerge emphasizing flat UI and simplified features, I can’t help but look at WordPress with a hint of disdain. Yes, there is a refreshed UI on the way, but I’m impatient and wonder if a refreshed admin theme will be enough to compete with products like Squarespace.

Generally, I’m not alone in this realm of thinking.

Speaking strictly from a UI/UX point of view, is WordPress turning into the new Drupal or Joomla? My memories and experiences using either CMS are filled with menus, widgets and settings panels, and this is definitely not how I want anyone to perceive WordPress.

What if…?

Which brings me to the point of this post. What would a possibly bastardized love child between WordPress and Anchor CMS look like, combining the power and stability of WordPress with the attitude and UI of Anchor CMS? I’m working on a Frankenstein; a static, non-functional mock-up of the WordPress admin area, with an Anchor CMS twist.

Take a look here

This experiment is just for me and my benefit, to see if I can combine my love of WordPress and my infatuation with Anchor. Get in touch if you have any feedback.