Hello world!

After many impulse domain purchases and several WordPress installations, I’ve decided to settle down and set up shop here at zinser.me. Blogging, or simply writing routinely, is something I’ve told myself I need to do in order to become established, to gain experience, something to put on my resume, or to check off my list. There are many people I’ve followed over the years and admire because of their ability and dedication to writing.

The reality is that I feel like I’m at a point where, in order to open doors and create new opportunities, I need to be more like those I look up to. And that there are things I’ve learned that I hope to share with others like me.

I’ve become increasingly infatuated with WordPress. Not just because I use it heavily in client work, but because of the community behind it, the ideas that built it. The people behind WordPress are incredibly smart and willing to share what they know and how they work with anyone.

WordPress is definitely something my writing will focus on, through observations and opinions as well as tips and tutorials. Having been trained in graphic design I’ll also spend time looking at both contemporary and historical design, most likely with an emphasis on branding and identity. I’ll also be keeping an eye on any happenings around the social design movement, AIGA, and Design for Good (in keeping with my senior thesis research).

With that said, I’m excited to start more conversations and looking forward to the experience ahead.