Advice is not difficult.

I think giving people advice is very simple. It’s almost too easy to give people advice, and to say, “Okay, you have a problem? Here’s how to fix it.” I think your problem is not a lack of advice, it’s a lack of understanding. And before a lot of advice can be really useful, it’s good to understand why you need that advice.
– Merlin Mann

From episode 294 of Back to Work

Get Out the Vote 2016

My submission to AIGA’s Get Out the Vote 2016 campaign.

Join the club.
Is the “I Voted” sticker a badge of civic pride, or a symbol shielding us from judgement? When paired with this message, the answer is not so clear. At face value, “Join the club” can be read as a rallying cry urging others to participate in the democratic process. But as an idiom it is decidedly more pessimistic, and instead reads as a comment on the state of American politics. Both scenarios underscore research that says many people will vote because of social pressure.

It all boils down to this: Many of us vote so that we can tell everyone else we voted. And we don’t want to have to lie about it if we didn’t. – Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, “The Surprising Genius Of The ‘I Voted’ Sticker”

gotv-stickers gotv-photo

Typeface is Alergia Grotesk Wide Black. Original photograpy shot with an iPhone 6s.

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